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Chicopee Cultural Council

The Chicopee Cultural Council seeks to fund programs that will benefit the residents of Chicopee while providing a balance in the types of programs offered and the audiences served. Some of the programs funded by the Council include concerts, art exhibits, theatre productions, writing and painting workshops, festivals, speakers, and field trips for school-age children.

The Council has 11 members: Chair Sharon Jacobson-Deragon, Treasurer Hope Quinlan, Secretary Eleanor Gay, Publicity Co-Chairs Nancy Dulchinos and Barbara Dumont, John Dumont, Chung Liu, Susan Morando McAndrew, Debra Sutherland, Michael Sutherland and Mary Partyka.

News & Events

THE CHICOPEE CULTURAL COUNCIL IS SEEKING NEW MEMBERS- WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please feel free to attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings or contact us with interest. You may also visit us on Facebook. A Public Input meeting is scheduled annually at the main branch Library during the summer. Feedback is used to update our guidelines and priorities, and to guide our decisions about how to allocate funds to best meet the needs and interests of our community. Assistance with the application process is available. THE POSTMARK DEADLINE FOR ALL GRANT APPLICATIONS IS OCTOBER 15, 2016. Applications can be downloaded on this website. Please send a total of eleven(11) copies of the LCC grant application to Chicopee Cultural Council, P.O. Box 888, Chicopee, MA 01021. Only one copy of any supporting documents need be submitted.

An interview meeting of grant applicants is scheduled November 1st at 6 p.m. at the Chicopee Library Community Room, 449 Front Street, to allow Council members to ask questions that may have arisen after reading the grant applications. Applicants may also clarify any questions. All grant applicants should make every effort to attend this meeting.

Former chairperson Eleanor Gay addresses guests at grantee reception, spring 2014

Contact Us

Chicopee Cultural Council
Sharon Jacobson-Deragon, Chairperson 888
Chicopee, MA 01021

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