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Deerfield Cultural Council

In a time of economic distress for many non-profits, the goal of the Deerfield Cultural Council is to help keep our local programs vital. The grant money that we are fortunate to receive from the State of Massachusetts is never enough to support all of the wonderful applicants that we would wish. For this reason, we give first consideration to those applicants who are serving our local community the most. This may be because they are based in the community (such as our library, children's museum, schools, or historical society) or because they serve many local residents through performances or venues within town. This is sort of like buying local.Another consideration that is important to us is that residents do not have to pay high ticket fees to enjoy the program that will be brought to the community. Programs that offer free or reduced fees for performances receive extra consideration.

News & Events

BRING SOMETHING NEW TO TOWN! Our best LCC funded program for the community is the MONDAY NIGHT MUSIC through the summer at the TILTON LIBRARY. These have brought together people of all ages for free music of all kinds and includes picnics on the lawn. Don't miss them this summer as they continue to grow in patronage! MEETING ANNOUNCED!! The Local Cultural Council will be holding a meeting to elect new officials at the Tilton Library at 6:30pm, prior to Monday Night Music, on August 12th!

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Deerfield Cultural Council
Deerfield Town Hall
8 Conway Street
South Deerfield, MA 01373-1021

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