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Dudley Cultural Council

News & Events

Mrs.Joan Zumpfe is a new member who has recently been added to our group

Other members of the council include Nancy Roy, Treasurer; Ginny DiDonato, member; Diane Kuzawa, co-chair; Rose Smoolca, member; Marilyn Kramarz co-chair; Marilyn Lefebvre, member; and Joan Zumpfe, Secretary.

Mary Kunkel and Pat Biron have moved to inactive since they have served six years as active members. We thank them for all their hard work.

Contact Us

Dudley Cultural Council
Diana Kuzawa / Marilyn Kramarz

Dudley Municipal Town Complex
71 West Main Street
Dudley, MA 01571-3264

primary 508/943-8960
secondary 508/943-8265

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