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Goshen Cultural Council

The Goshen Cultural Council has five members with diverse backgrounds and interests who bring much thoughtfulness and creativity to the table. The Council seeks to offer the Goshen community opportunity to enjoy, learn and grow through talenteted performers and workshops.

News & Events

The Rick Murname Band performed at the Goshen Town Hall on Sunday, September 20th. The towns people enjoyed a two hour program of blues and jazz selections, many of which were written by Rick Murname himself. The Goshen Council is meeting on Friday, September 26th to review its mission statement, local guidelines and receive community input that will help define and shape the direction of the 2015-2016 funding process.

Contact Us

Goshen Cultural Council
Kathryn Boisvert

40 Main Street
Goshen, MA 01032-0869

primary 413/268-3651
secondary 413/268-3651


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