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Harwich Cultural Council

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Harwich Cultural Council Annual Community Grants Opportunity LCC and Pass Grants deadline October 15, 2015

The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) distributes funds to Local Cultural Councils (LCCs) who then regrant funds to arts, humanities, and science projects in their own communities. Field Trip grants subsidize the cost of admission for students to attend performances, educational tours and exhibits.

ARTS: Creation and/or education work in theater, dance, music, writing, sculpture, pottery, visual media, folk and design. HUMANITIES: Learning that deals with human values, human thought and culture, history, philosophy, and literature. SCIENCES: Nature, science, and technology including aquariums, nature centers and planetariums.

This year, FY2016, Harwich has a yet to be determined amount to award to approved grantees. These funds are a combination of the MCC allocation, a Harwich Town Meeting Warrant Award, and fund raising efforts of the Harwich Cultural Council.

APPLICATION AND INSTRUCTIONS: Visit the MCC web site. Application forms are on this site as well as instructions. Under Applications, click Local Cultural Council. For more information about the program call MCC @ 800-232-0960. Sample application forms are at Harwich Town Hall at Office of the Town Clerk. For Harwich Cultural Council go to or contact Lynn Schweinshaut at or 508 432-2916 .

Harwich Cultural Council Criteria/Tips for LCC Grants:
  1. LCC grant funds must be used for arts, humanities or sciences.
  2. Must provide equal cultural access and must demonstrate a public benefit.
  3. Previously funded applicants should modify program and or develop other funding sources.
  4. Activity cannot be part of the Town budget
  5. Grants are reimbursement-based and competitive.
  6. Organizations may request support for scholarship programs which entail “giving back” to the community.
  7. Preference given to local/regional applicants; or activities which offer unique cultural artistic content.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications must be postmarked by October 15, 2015 or hand delivered and time stamped by Town Clerk by 12 noon on Thursday, October 15, 2015. Send to HCC, Town Hall, 732 Main Street, Harwich, MA 02645. We request that nine (9) copies be delivered. Only one copy of supporting documents is necessary.

Contact Us

Harwich Cultural Council
Lynn Schweinshaut

Town Hall
732 Main Street
Harwich, MA 02645-2717

primary 508/432-2916
secondary 508 942-4131


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