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New Marlborough Cultural Council

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New Marlborough Cultural Council!!

Summary of 2014 Grants!!

Sheffield Whinnies 4-H Club: State 4-H membership fees of $50 are difficult for many families. This grant will allow participation by the New Marlborough student in the club. $50

New Marlborough Central School: Grade 3 students at NMC and Undermountain Elementary will participate in Massachusetts!, a program of music, instrumental and vocal, that presents the history and geography of the state. The program is geared to the third grade history curriculum. $250

IS 183 Art School: Learning Through Arts is a 1½ hour per week after-school arts enrichment program for Undermountain Elementary students in grades 1 through 6. Students are guided through art-making projects that include elements of research, academic enrichment, and hands-on art experience. $150

Mount Everett High School Chorus: A local Berkshire composer, Steve Murray, will be commissioned to create a new piece of choral music for the poem Sheffield, Frontier Town by Arthur Chase. The chorus will learn the piece, and be in rehearsal with the composer. Mr. Murray will also discuss the compositional process with interested students. $300

Berkshire Lyric Theater: Students and adults have the opportunity to participate in advanced training, practice, and performance throughout the Berkshires. Local talented students may be nominated for the Berkshire Lyric Choral Scholars program. $250

Hands on History: The American Revolutionary War: This group will bring the museum to Undermountain Elementary students, in this case artifacts, historical documents, uniforms, and items of camp life of the American Revolution. The program is coordinated with the Grade 5 history curriculum. $150

Berkshire Pulse: Presentation of Cultural Traditions: The Music and Dance of Africa will augment the social studies and language arts curriculum during Black History Month. Students in grade 3-4 at New Marlborough Central and Grade 6 at Undermountain Elementary will participate in a month-long residency. $300

Flying Cloud Institute: The Youth Environmental Summit will bring 300 students and 50 adults from across Berkshire County to share the environmental science investigations they have conducted throughout the year. The program will include a guest speaker, student presentations, and workshops led by students and specialists, in May of 2014. $200

Flying Cloud Institute: Students at New Marlborough Central will have a variety of creative learning opportunities combining art and science experiences through four SMArt ½-day workshops at NMC and UME; a kindergarten field trip to Flying Cloud to explore rocks, minerals, and clay; a 6-week after-school program at NMC; a residency for NMC Grade 3-4 in ceramic arts; and a school-wide exploration of water, culminating in the student production of The Life of Water. $2250

Berkshire Playwrights Lab: A laboratory for the development of new plays including an editorial tutorial with the artistic directors and rehearsal process, culminating in a staged-reading performance before an enthusiastic and supportive audience. $250

Mount Everett High School Performances by Melissa Otero: As part of the multicultural curriculum, two performances by Ms. Otero will introduce students to Latin popular music, a genre that is difficult to access in our area. $250

Preservation of Historic Church Records: Two volumes of handwritten records of New Marlborough’s First Parish and South Parish (1794-1860) will be digitized and microfilmed. These sole copies are currently stored at the Southfield Church, but are fragile and gradually deteriorating. $800

Sculpture Now: A hands-on sculpture workshop, mentored by practicing artists, will be conducted at Mount Everett. In addition, students will tour the sculpture exhibit at The Mount, in Lenox, guided by exhibiting artists, and will have a docent-led tour of Edith Wharton’s home and history. $200

Community Access to the Arts: going for a flower is a recently published anthology of poetry by CATA writers with disabilities. The grant provides for the creation of an audiobook of the anthology. The audiobook and a paperback version will be given to each of the 17 libraries in Berkshire County. $200

New Marlborough Friends of the Library: As part of the library’s summer reading club, The Magic of Science links the work of artists and scientists, encouraging persistence and exploration. $450

New Marlborough Friends of the Library: Computers for Seniors: Four sessions to introduce seniors to basic computer usage, enabling them to access information, services, and communications. $750

New Marlborough Village Association, Music & More: The grant will support a variety of programs in Music & More’s 23rd season, which brings world-famous musicians and authors to New Marlborough. Examples for 2014 are baroque music with Daniel Stepner, the Lydian quartet, a return visit from Karen Akers following her sold-out performance last year, and a trio of prominent authors. $3000

Project Bee: This award-winning program will continue to promote and preserve honeybee arts and culture; target audiences include students in local schools, beekeepers, gardeners, and community presentations. $300

Berkshire Children’s Chorus: The scholarship fund makes possible the participation of students who might otherwise not be able to join this high-quality program. $250

Shakespeare & Company: The 26th Fall Festival of Shakespeare, a 9-week after-school arts-in-education residency at Mount Everett and 9 other schools. In-depth exploration and complete production of a Shakespeare play at the school, and at the Fall Festival at Shakespeare & Company’s Founders Theater. $400

Berkshire Fringe Theater Festival: New works of theater, dance, and multi-media performance by emerging artists and ensembles will be developed and presented during the 21-day residency of Berkshire Fringe in Great Barrington. $200

30 Live – Free Community Concert Series: A diverse mix of emerging musicians from the Berkshires and the Northeast will present free concerts during Berkshire Fringe in Great Barrington, enabling audiences to experience an array of genres that they might not otherwise encounter. $150

Community Performance Lab: Participating artists in the Berkshire Fringe festival will lead a series of free workshops on various aspects of the creative process, open to anyone in the Berkshires. $100

Berkshire Sings!: Under the auspices of Berkshire South Regional Community Center, the program is open to anyone who desires to sing – no auditions, no prior musical training. Breathing exercises, listening techniques, and singing as soloist, duo, or small ensemble are part of the weekly program. $250

Berkshire Historical Society: Inspired by Melville: Writing about Place is a program of writing workshops for a group of Undermountain students in grades 2-5, both at school and during the summer at Arrowhead. Using writing exercises and creative games, students will learn to focus intensely on their surroundings and to put their feelings into words. $250

Winter Solstice Wreath and Arrangement Workshop: Students will learn about winter and the winter solstice, as well as horticultural aspects of the season. They will collect and learn about local plant material, which they will then use to construct a wreath or an arrangement. $100

Music in Common: This free program for high school students promotes community-building, teamwork, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. A group of students will work with industry professionals to write, record, and perform an original song, and to produce a music video of the song. They will then produce a free community concert at which they will perform their song and premiere their video; concert will include many other musicians from this area. $500

Ventfort Hall: A series of Tea and Talk lectures on Gilded Age architecture, notable people, and local art and culture will take place at historic Ventfort Hall in Lenox. $100

Plimoth Plantation Field Trip: The third grade at Undermountain Elementary will visit Plimoth Plantation, an ongoing feature of the humanities curriculum. $350

Berkshire Songwriters in the Round: This monthly concert series will feature 3-4 Berkshire singer-songwriters per month, promoting local songwriting talent and providing songwriters with a high quality performance venue at Dewey Hall in Sheffield. $300

Music in Common Youth Concert Series: Dewey Hall is again the site of a monthly series featuring two Berkshire bands or musical acts by high school or younger students. The performance opportunity provides students with the encouragement and support they need to continue developing their skills. $250

Berkshire Festival of Women Writers: A broad array of readings, lectures, writing workshops, and performances are taking place this month throughout Berkshire County. Using venues in libraries, bookstores, colleges, and community facilities, the project seeks to involve a diverse span of participants and audiences. $300

Greenagers: Southern Berkshire County young people (ages 14-21) work on local trails, farms, and conservation lands on a volunteer basis. They have partnered with the New Marlborough Land Trust. In addition to the environmental improvement and stewardship, community connections are forged. $150

Flying Cloud Institute: Scholarships will assist New Marlborough children in attending FCI summer programs – the SMArt summer program or the Young Women in Science program. $1,000

New Marlborough Land Trust: Students at New Marlborough Central will be guided through the nature trail at the Robert Joffe Nature Sanctuary, the outdoor classroom created by the NMLT. $750

New Marlborough Historical Society: This is a continuation of the cemetery restoration project begun in 2013. Under the guidance of restoration specialists, community volunteers will participate in excavating, cleaning, and resetting headstones and footstones. $500

Total grants awarded in 2014: $16,000

State contribution: $4,250

Citizen contributions: $11,750

Town contribution: $1,000 covers cost of annual fund-raising effort

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