LCC Applicants - Application Process

Application Process

The application process may vary by community because each Local Cultural Council is authorized to set local guidelines and priorities. It is important to read a council's local guidelines and priorities before applying. Continue reading for more general information about applying, and to access the LCC application forms.


Applicants complete their applications and submit them directly to the local cultural council to whom they are applying by the October 15 postmark deadline. While most LCCs use the same basic application forms, some may require supplemental materials from their applicants. Before submitting an application, applicants should read the LCC's local guidelines for additional instructions. Local guidelines can be found on LCC public webpages at

Unless a local cultural council prohibits the practice, it may be possible to submit more than one application to a local cultural council. However, because the demand for LCC funds far exceeds the supply, applicants should first contact their local cultural council to discuss whether or not it makes sense to submit more than one application or to prioritize the applications.

If an applicant feels that a program will provide public benefit to more than one community, they may submit an application to more than one LCC.

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  • MCC announces LCC's state allocations.
  • On September 1 all councils have posted their local guidelines and priorities to their public webpage. Applicants should visit the webpage of the council to which they are applying to learn of any local criteria. This is also where a council would inform applicants that they require supplemental materials, such as a support letter, to be included with their application.


  • Grant applications must be submitted to the LCC by the October 15 postmark deadline.


  • Between November 1 and December 30 councils will hold voting meetings to make decisions on applications, send denial letters, and handle reconsiderations.


  • By January 15, 2015 councils will have submitted their Annual Report to the MCC, and will begin to notify successful applicants.


  • LCCs process reimbursement requests with their municipality. The time it takes LCCs and cities and towns to process reimbursements varies but can take 4 and 8 weeks.
  • Grantees carry out their programs and acknowledge the funding they've received through the MCC/LCC.

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Applications and Forms

Field Trip Grant Application (Word) (PDF)

This application should only be used when requesting a grant for a cultural field trip for children, grades pre-K through 12.

Standard Grant Application (Word) (PDF)

This application should be used for all other grant requests.

Reimbursement Form(PDF)

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Application Glossary: You can preview the glossary before completing an application. The application forms also include terms in blue, underlined text, which you can click on for a definition or more information.

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