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Sunderland Cultural Council

The mission of the Sunderland Cultural Council is to encourage access for Sunderland residents of all ages and groups to cultural events and resources of all types. The Sunderland Cultural Council pursues this mission through the administration of state funded Cultural Council grants. It is the policy of the Sunderland Cultural Council to seek the greatest possible diversity and number of funded events in order to provide the widest access to cultural resources.

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The Sunderland Cultural Council encourages grant applicants to collaborate with one of the many organizations, institutions, and town departments that provide venues for cultural programming: Sunderland Public Library, Friends of the Sunderland Library, Sunderland PTO, Fall Festival Committee, Historical Commission, Frontier Regional School, South County Senior Center, and Recreation Department, to name a few. For contact information, please visit the Sunderland town website. As in years past, there remains a shortage of programs for teens. Please contact the Sunderland Cultural Council if you have any questions about a proposal that would be primarily for a teenage audience.

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Contact Us

Sunderland Cultural Council
Julie Jacque and Peter Lacey

Town Hall
12 School Street
Sunderland, MA 01375-9503

primary 413/665-9768
secondary 413/665-3198


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