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Tyringham Cultural Council

The Tyringham Cultural Council strives to provide diverse offerings that include performance and hands-on opportunities reflecting all the arts, cultural and community events of interest. We are primarily focused on those programs which reflect what our local population has requested. We have canvassed the local population during the past 4 months of 2015 and it was made very clear that the townspeople wish to have those programs that are from Tyringham or for Tyringham.

News & Events

We have funded the Tyringham Topics which is an annual newsletter; local musicians and singers who are known to the local population who perform throughout the year; a clown for our Steak Roast and presentations about nature.

Contact Us

Tyringham Cultural Council
Gail Charpentier

116 Main Road
Tyringham, MA 01264-9700

primary 413/243-1749


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