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Carlisle Cultural Council

The Carlisle Cultural Council is a 5-8 member appointed group of Carlisle residents interested in the arts who support local arts initiatives and vote on grant applications. The Council is interested in supporting both active and audience arts activities which benefit our local residents. Our goal is to serve our community by providing funding for cultural events that are of interest and benefit to our residents. In order to better understand the cultural needs of our community. The Carlisle Cultural Council sponsors a town-wide survey every 3 years. In May 2017, we offered an online option to respond and more than half the residents chose to use the online version. We are happy to report what Carlisle residents had to say about cultural activities and the work of the Council in our town: • Respondents' Profile: More than 66% of respondents have lived in Carlisle for more than 10 years, with 28% having lived in town more than 3 years, and nearly half of the respondents have children under 18 living with them. One third of those who responded noted that they personally participate in a cultural activity on a regular basis including musical ensembles, art classes, theater or are a patron of the arts. • Attendance: 48% of respondents attended 1-3 cultural events in Carlisle during the past year; 22% attended 4-6 events and 21% attended none. Happily, more than 92% are interested in attending future events that suit their interests. • Target Age Groups: Respondents would like the Carlisle Cultural Council to fund programming targeted at school-age students, teens, adults and senior citizens. • Programming: Carlisle residents are most interested in programming that includes community-wide gatherings and festivals, music, theater, nature, multicultural events, visual arts and STEM offerings. • Publicity: Nearly 95% of town residents learn about cultural events through the Carlisle Mosquito, followed by 52% by word of mouth and 37% through social media outlets If you have any questions, the best way to reach us is through e-mail at: E-mail address effective 9/28/2017

Carlisle Cultural Council Jennifer Sagalyn, Co-Chair Town Hall Carlisle, MA 01741-1582 978-369-6136

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