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Clinton Cultural Council

The Clinton Cultural Council receives grant money from the MA state cultural council and allocates the money to people or organizations who request them.

There is a grant application form available on-line to use in requesting these monies.

The local council reviews these grants and awards the money to those who fit the criteria of the grant.

Our mission is to provide cultural programs that would benefit as many Clinton residents as possible.

Clinton Cultural Council Members:

Terry Ingano, co-chair

Jesse Rives, co-chair

Judy McGrail, member

Lisa Philbin, member

Pat O'Malley, member

Kate Meifert, member

Wendy Middleman Williams, member

Debra McMahon, member


Clinton Cultural Council Terry Ingano - Jesse Rives Town Hall, Selectmen's Office Clinton, MA 01510-2624 774 479 1955

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