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Hardwick-New Braintree Cultural Council

Please note that only applications submitted online will be accepted. Hardwick-New Braintree Cultural Council Local Guidelines:

PROGRAM PURPOSE AND REVIEW CRITERIA: The purpose of the Hardwick-New Braintree Cultural Council is to promote and maintain the vitality of local cultural resources and to ensure these resources are shared within the towns of Hardwick and New Braintree. The Council is committed to funding a diverse cross-section of activities. We support a broad variety of art forms, environmental education projects, collaborative proposals that bring together artists and other types of organizations, local cultural groups, and projects that serve specific populations – disabled, veterans, youth, elders and low-income. Applications are evaluated in terms of several review criteria: o approved applicants will receive conditional approval providing they obtain a Letter of Support from the sponsor 2 weeks before the event o artistic or creative merit o virtual activities that engages the audience via a streaming platform is acceptable o help with operating support to grantee allowing more responsive, flexible support o dedication and track record of the individuals and organizations involved Proposals from schools and libraries must not request support for activities that should be or used to be part of the municipal budget (i.e., teacher salaries, classroom supplies, school-sponsored clubs and organizations, library books/videos, etc.). Enrichment projects utilizing outside professionals are allowed. Hardwick & New Braintree-based applicants are given preference over those from out of town. The council will carefully scrutinize repeated requests; such proposals should show other sources of support to show the project is not dependent solely on council funding. ELIGIBILITY: Applicants can be: arts, humanities or interpretive science organizations; individuals, science educators, historians or other humanists, parents, community members, etc.; community organizations including schools, social service organizations, civic groups, neighborhood centers, youth, senior and family associations, etc. Incorporated organizations must be nonprofit; unincorporated associations must have a nonprofit purpose. FUNDING: Payments are made on a reimbursement basis only. Reimbursements generally take 2 to 4 weeks. Applicants are sent a reimbursement form to use for their payment request. In addition, applicants must submit a completed program evaluation form with their reimbursement request. Last update on 11/13/2020


Hardwick-New Braintree Cultural Council Maureen Tobin, Chair PO Box 4 Hardwick, MA 01037 617-515-2001

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