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Waltham Cultural Council

The Waltham Cultural Council supports the arts, humanities, and sciences through grants and advocacy for nonprofit cultural organizations, schools, and artists. Through our efforts, we strive to make our community a better place to live, work, and visit. As a public investor in the arts, humanities, and sciences, we work to ensure everyone in our community has a place in our rich cultural life. We fund activities and events that celebrate cultural diversity and local history, engage the community and increase access to arts education for Waltham youth. Priority is given to projects that support initiatives with a specific focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. New applicants are encouraged to apply. The WCC will accept applications from Oct.1 through Nov. 16, for events that occur between July 1 of the application year and December 31 of the following calendar year. The following priorities are based on the community input survey of 2020. Applicants that meet the criteria below will be more likely to receive funds than those that do not.


Waltham Cultural Council Sharyn Nolan, Chair -- Waltham, MA 02454 (781) 530-4897

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