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Belmont Cultural Council

Is should be noted that due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 situation, all aspects of our grants may be affected. The Belmont Cultural Council consists of volunteers appointed by the Selectmen to support community-based projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences annually. Disciplines include public art (Belmont Art Association Transformer Project,) all-town festivals (including Porchfest), music (in 2018 Cellist Mike Block at the Public Library and Ayla Brown at Payson Park Music Festival), dance (Classical Kathak Indian Dance children's show at the Beech St Center), theater, (Stage Ensemble Theater Unit at Belmont's Town Theater, Science (Mass Audubon Habitat's events at the Belmont Farmer's Market) and more! New members are welcome! A key component is that any program must have a public benefit - for schools, local organizations or Belmont resident individuals. Recipients of Massachusetts Cultural Council grants in Belmont have included the Belmont Gallery of Art, public and private schools, the Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, the Belmont Public Library and the Belmont Council on Aging. Recipients have created paintings, murals, sculptures, exhibits, musical programs and workshops,nature lectures and hands-on programs, all of which enrich the lives of the people who live and work in Belmont. Belmont is part of a direct payment program - approved grantees will receive their funding up front and not on a reimbursement basis. Instead, a final report will be necessary. Detailed information and forms will be supplied in the award announcement which comes in early January. Funds must be spent within the calendar year after the award letter date. The state agency has a variety of initiatives which our local council volunteers can help educate and advise applicants about. Most awards are only a portion of the applied amount thus applicants need to consider other sources of funding as well. New initiatives are considered and supported by an active volunteer base.


Belmont Cultural Council Nancy Linde, Chair 21 Waterhouse Rd Belmont, MA 02478-4103 617-484-7042

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