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Beyond Grants


LCCs may choose to fundraise to provide additional funds for granting or to support council originated programming. Many councils raise additional dollars to supplement their state allocation and expand the pool of funds available... more »

Building Community

LCCs have the unique ability to serve as a community catalyst for projects and collaborations that may address unmet cultural needs or recognize a potential opportunity. Councils can also act as a place for local organizations and artists to go to for... more »

Connecting with LCCs

Most councils enjoy an informal sharing of ideas with other LCCs about what works and how to solve common problems. This happens at some of the regional and statewide events organized by Mass Cultural Council, but LCCs can plan... more »

Arts Education

For more information about how LCC volunteers can play an essential role in advocating for the arts in their community... more »

Your Municipality

Working with its municipality, councils can build a relationship that can be beneficial in many ways – from helping pay administrative costs, to advocating for arts and culture in the community... more »

Public Art Planning

Public art programs have unique challenges and requires distinctive support. This section addresses those needs with best practices, readings, and sample information...more »

Accessibility Guide

This guide will help you navigate your responsibilities as a local cultural council in terms of ensuring accessibility...more »