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The Grant Cycle

Grant Cycle Timeline

This timeline gives members a broad overview of council business throughout the year... more »

Online Applications

On October 1, online applications will available from Mass Cultural Council for LCC applicants via more »

Criteria & Eligibility

A hallmark of the LCC Program is the emphasis on local autonomy and decision making. Councils are free to make funding decisions that best meet the particular needs and priorities of their community within the parameters of the broad state guidelines... more »

Evaluating Grants

The primary responsibility of LCCs is grants evaluation. Grant making offers an exciting opportunity for LCC members to directly contribute to the quality of life for all residents in their community... more »

Conflict of Interest

Members of LCCs must avoid real and apparent conflicts between their private interests and public council duties... more »

Council Priorities

Mass Cultural Council encourages LCCs to develop their own council priorities, in addition to the three state criteria that councils use for grant evaluation... more »

Engaging Applicants

Over the years, LCCs have developed strategies to find, educate and assist potential applicants. Councils should be creative and find a plan that works best for their community... more »

Council Programs

A Council Program is a cultural project that is organized by the council itself and that receives funding from the LCC’s allocation from Mass Cultural Council... more »

Disapprovals & Reconsiderations

Communicating with disapproved applicants can sometimes be challenging. This section suggests some good ways to handle disapproved applicants, and those who are seeking reconsideration... more »

Approvals & Modifications

Grant decisions are based on eligibility, as well as state guidelines and council priorities. The approved applications will best meet these criteria for each community... more »


Grant recipients do not automatically receive payment. The LCC Program works on a reimbursement basis; recipients need to spend the money and then be reimbursed from LCC funds... more »