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Montague Cultural Council

The Montague Cultural Council aims to increase the cultural vitality of our town by supporting activities that enrich the lives of residents of its five villages: Turners Falls, Millers Falls, Montague Center, Montague City, and Lake Pleasant.

Our Council is part of a new pilot program eliminating the requirement that awards made using the Mass Cultural Council allocation be reimbursement-based.  During this pilot program, we will be making grant money available in full to grantees once their projects are approved. If you are awarded a grant, you will be required to submit a final report to the Local Cultural Council upon completion of your program. Please read the Supplemental Grant Pilot Guidelines as well as the LCC Program Guidelines and our Council Priorities before you apply.

Montague Cultural Council Rachel Teumim c/o Town Hall Turners Falls, MA 01376-1128 512-466-6052

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